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Cal Bruton OAM created the Bruton Basketball Foundation to transform the lives of young people.

About Cal Bruton, OAM

Born in Brooklyn New York, Cal is an NBL Hall of fame member, a championship winning player/coach and a mentor/friend to hundreds of people worldwide. 

Basketball 4 LIFE

Cal has drawn from his life experiences and childhood to create the BBF Basketball 4 Life (BBALL 4 Life) program. Through Cal’s infectious positive attitude and amazing outlook on life even through his own hardship; Cal will demonstrate how not only to survive… but thrive!

About Basketball 4 Life

BBALL 4 Life, is a six-year program designed to use the sport of Basketball to connect with at-risk and disadvantaged youth from years 7 to 12.

The Program will create an environment to foster the skills, knowledge and capabilities of participants to become positive, successful, and motivated leaders of tomorrow. 

the foundation uses four pillars to support build on in the Basketball 4 Life program 





Insipring tomorrow's champions of the paint

BBALL 4 Life is to inspire the youth, improve their communication and demonstrate the importance of what teamwork does for themselves, their families, and the broader community and their role in it.

The youth will learn from positive and engaging role models during one of the most important phases of their development (Years 7-12). 

The Program aims to prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to finish school and become positive, happy, successful, and well-rounded individuals who help support and guide themselves and those around them into a bright a positive future – be that higher education, vocational training, professional sport, or directly into a career.

What people say about Cal's work?

We are humbled in your presence Cal. Your philosophy of life is like no other I know & your life’s mission is truly outstanding. You have touched the lives of so many less fortunate than us & made huge differences in their lives. Now you have met Aidan & already we’re seeing a remarkable change; for the better. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem enough to convey how much we appreciate what you do
Deb Lange
Calvin Bruton, you encourage all with sportsmanship forever. Whenever students had trouble with each other during Gym class I always told them the story of the man who became my brother senior celebrity who helped others to play better rather than making them feel bad!