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Basketball Lessons 4 Life

Changing Lives Through Basketball

Basketball Lessons 4Life is a Basketball Mentoring Program, it is a six-year program designed to use the sport of Basketball to connect with at risk and disadvantaged youth in high school years 7 to 12 and build within them the skills, knowledge and determination to become the positive, successful & motivated leaders of tomorrow.
OUR 3 Stage Program
From Foundation to Transition - it's about the fit

BasketBall 4Life is run in three stages in order to tailor the levels of engagement, time and structure of the Program to best fit in with the changing demands on the kids from when they first join and then as they enter high school to when they complete the program in their final year.

This stage focusses on introducing the kids to basketball and teaching them the fundamental building blocks they need to be good basketball players, students, family members & leaders. The engagement level required of the kids during this stage is quite high as developing structure and momentum early are key to keeping the kids on track and seeing results early.
This stage expands upon the skills learned in stage 1 and kicks them up a notch – both on the basketball court and in the life-lessons being imparted to the kids as they train.  Years 9 to 11 are a key developmental period and one at which at risk kids can often lose focus and fall behind.  Our program aims to keep them engaged, positive & focussed during this period on both their basketball, their study and lives generally.
This stage reduces the level of engagement & time commitment from the kids to allow for some additional focus on their final year of high school studies.  The focus of the program shifts to using the skills they have learnt over the course of the program to finishing school and planning the next stage of their life – while also becoming engaged with providing assistance to kids in the earlier stages of the program.  Professional development, career planning, external business mentoring & work experience opportunities will be provided to the kids during this stage.


Throughout the program – the coaches use issues that arise during basketball training and games to teach the kids valuable life skills like teamwork, positivity, respect, overcoming adversity, goal setting and the importance of hard work.

At the conclusion of the program,  kids will walk away with the following 9 skills and abilities for life 


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